As @isra_careaga settles for sometime in Patagonia, I’ll hold on to the bread he made before leaving, and the memories we have together. He pushes and challenges me in a way nobody else does, also does help me to build – literally and figuratively – my dreams as navigate these waters of change. I’m truly privileged to share this thing called life with my siblings 💖 @jesus.puppie.careaga @ruthiehabib and @isra_careaga stole my heart the day they were born.

I’ll share this memory of 2015 with some of my favorite people as I brace myself through my last month in Fitler Square as my beloved @jezabelscafe relocates to #westphiladelphia To: neighbors, friends, my siblings, my parents… among many of you who we met through a cup of coffee, empanadas and alfajores I’ll keep your smiles very close to my heart. #thankyou is an understatement. You have inspired me, opened my mind to new horizons, changed my life and made my family yours. I’ll be forever grateful to the universe that we crossed paths ❤️